Under the hood of a 2006 Toyota Celica VVTI

How to replace timing solenoid in a Toyota Celica?

Fault code P1349 in Toyotas suggest a problem with the timing solenoid. The engine light stays lit on the dashboard urging us to fix the issue prior to any further use of the vehicle. Luckily it is neither too costly nor time consuming and all we need is a 10 mm socket. Just to give you an idea of what to expect, the part fitted here cost £46.

Replacing this part in other vehicles could be very similar as the part should be located on the side of the engine. It is worth having a quick look first before ordering one online to make sure the replacement part looks identical, or in our case very similar. The part we received had the electrical connector on the opposite side, which meant we had to give the electrical cord a bit more slack.

Location of timing solenoid
Located on the front left side of the engine
Electrical connector unplugged
First remove the electrical connector

How to remove the solenoid from the engine?

First remove the black plastic engine cover held in place by two plastic plugs and two 10 millimeter hex cap nuts. You may need a flat screwdriver to help pop the plastic plugs off. The timing solenoid is located on the front left hand side of the engine and easy to access. Now it is time to unplug the electrical connector by pushing on the lever (on the top of it) while pulling away. It may be stuck as this part could be the original one fitted over 10 years ago, but be gentle not to rip the wires (always hold by the connector and not the cord). Unscrew the only 10 mm bolt below with an extended hex socket then pull the solenoid out. If stuck try twisting while pulling.

Before fitting the new part apply a thin layer of motor oil to the rubber seal all around. This is recommended for parts alike to create a better seal. Then fitting the part is basically the removal in reverse order. Do not try to overtighten the bolt.

Old and new timing solenoid
Old and new timing solenoids
Fixing the solenoid in place with a 10 mm socket
10 mm socket used

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