Bosch pollen filter

How to replace cabin air filters?

Replacing a cabin air filter is a good example why you don't need to take your car to the garage for every little thing and in this article we'll show you why.

Cabin air filters are also called pollen filters for their purpose to keep the air flowing into the cabin clean by filtering dirt and pollen out.

When to replace the cabin air filter?

The photo above shows the condition of a used and a new air filter that makes it needless to explain why you'd want to replace it. Always refer to the vehicle's manual, but as a general guide the cabin air filter should be replaced once a year or every 15000 to 25000 miles. Pollen filters normally cost between £10 to £30 depending on brand and fit for vehicle model.

How to replace pollen filters?

While replacing a pollen filter is simple and quick, access can be difficult. Refer to the vehicle's manual for guidance and to avoid snapping off any retaining clips.

This example shows how to find the filter in a Honda Civic. The glovebox is prevented from opening out completely by plastic pins on either side. Push them gently inward to disengage. Once the glovebox is fully open the cabin air filter can be found behind a plastic faceplate. Remove it by pressing the clips on both sides simultaneously. Slide out and replace the filter with a new one, noting air flow direction. Reattach the faceplate and close the glovebox.

Honda Civic glovebox
Fully open glovebox in a Honda Civic
Pollen filter location
Pollen filter located behind the glovebox
Removed pollen filter
Removed pollen filter
Used and new pollen filters
Condition of used and new pollen filters

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