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Motorcycle advertising on The Car Advertiser is completely free for a limited time only as part of our launch offer in 2019. No contract, no commission, no hidden fees and no spamming. Free account registration is required for individual and trade sellers. Promotion applies to both regular and premium adverts.

The Car Advertiser supports 24 motorcycle brands with over 2300 models manufactured since 1990, including:

Is advertising completely free?

Yes, as long as the LaunchOffer promotional code (100% off) is active and applied during checkout. After the LaunchOffer promotion expires other discount codes may be applicable granting reductions off the final price at checkout.

The Car Advertiser was created to provide a safe, affordable, feature-rich and easy-to-use online vehicle advertising space for private sellers and bike traders without the constraints of monthly memberships. Other sites may charge commission on successfully sold vehicles (even as high as 10%) or just simply having much higher advertising costs. The Car Advertiser promises to keep prices transparent and as low as possible.

What charges apply for advertising on The Car Advertiser?

Without the usage of any discount code during checkout the full rates are as follow:

Daily rate Weekly rate
Regular advert £0.2 + VAT = £0.24 £1.4000000000000001 + VAT = £1.68
Premium advert £0.5 + VAT = £0.6 £3.5 + VAT = £4.2

Accounts for private sellers and trade dealerships

What is the advertising process?

  • Register a private or seller account (no unnecessary information required)
  • Confirm your account by email
  • Log in to your account
  • Trade sellers can 'Add branch' up to a maximum number of 25
  • Click the user dropdown and select New Bike Advert for motorcycles or New Car Advert or click 'Add new advert' from the My Account page then select the vehicle type
  • Enter vehicle details
  • Select 'Premium advert' if required
  • Choose advert duration (unused days are non-refundable)
  • Click 'Create'
  • Now the advert appears in 'Pending' state under 'My Adverts' with options to Update Details, Photos or Remove the advert
  • Go to 'Checkout'
  • Enter/update promotional code as required
  • Click 'Pay'
  • Any outstanding amount payable is processed by Stripe (debit/credit cards accepted)
  • Upon successful payment an email confirmation is sent and the adverts appear live subject to our Terms and Conditions

Adverts can be marked as 'Sold' or deleted at any time. Advert duration can be extended at any time (requires going through the checkout process).

What are the benefits of a premium advert?

More exposure to website visitors. Premium adverts are randomly displayed on the home page and displayed upfront in search results by relevancy. More exposure mean your adverts are displayed more frequently attracting potential buyers easier.

What vehicle information is required?

  • Vehicle registration (number plate) is required for internal identification purposes only, it is not displayed publicly
  • Registraton year, make, model and trim level
  • Trade sellers can select the location of the vehicle (from their list of branches)
  • Price, color, mileage, features, description
  • Accurate vehicle location is not displayed publicly (a vehicle located under post code 'RM12 3AB' is displayed as 'RM12, Romford area')

How about privacy?

The Car Advertiser does not require unnecessary information and does not display any sensitive information publicly:

  • Vehicle registrations are not displayed publicly
  • Only a post code is required for vehicle locations to allow proximity search (e.g. suzuki motorcycles within 30 miles radius)
  • A vehicle located under post code 'RM12 3AB' is displayed as 'RM12, Romford area'
  • No house number, street name, city/town information required for any adverts
  • No phone number required (website visitors can contact sellers via the 'Contact seller' form on each advert)
  • The email address of the account holder is not displayed publicly on the 'Contact seller' form unless allowed by the account holder

The Car Advertiser uses industry-standard encryptions and always runs on https. Passwords are non-retrieveable and The Car Advertiser will never ask for your password by email. Passwords can be reset by email account holders only. As a general web-safety advice always ensure the url in your browser displays when entering login details or making transactions during checkout.

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